The transfer of functions and services, or expansion of previous transfers, is the instrument whereby each Autonomous Community with statutory responsibility in a particular area assumes functions that make up this competition and material means, personal and economic state administration or their autonomous bodies were earmarking for the development of those functions.

The vehicle of materialization of transfers are agreements adopted by the corresponding Joint Committee of transfers, after the negotiation process carried out by the state administration and autonomy. Agreements adopted rise subsequently to the government for approval by royal Decree.

In this section you can found the following information:

Contains the full texts of agreements handover and services to the Autonomous Communities, adopted by the respective Full of mixed commissions of transfers, have been approved by Royal Decree of the council of Ministers.

Includes a collection of the rules governing the functioning of the joint committees transfers between the state administration and Autonomous communities and cities with autonomy statute of Ceuta and Melilla.

Contains the work performed during the XII state legislature (19 dejulio 2016 until 2 December 2019).

Statistical data is available on the activity transfer since 1978 (including transfers preautonómica phase) until the present.

• basic data on transfers XI state legislature

There has been No transfer in this state legislature (13 January 2016 until 18 July 2016).

Contains the work performed during the X state legislature (13 December 2011 until 12 January 2016).

Contienela activity conducted during the IX state legislature (1 April 2008 until 12 December 2011).

Contienela activity conducted during the VIII state legislature (2 April 2004-31 March 2008).